Background Pic Parking Information

During snow season (usually Dec-May) only the entrance by the highway is plowed to facilitate parking. As space is more and more limited every year it is critically important that all homeowners and guests follow the following guidelines.

First and foremost sign up for the Yodelin SMS alerts. This lets us notify everybody when we are plowing so you know when to move your vehicles.
  • Send the word start to (855) 751-1771
  • We will only use this for plowing alerts and, should something arise, emergencies (think avalanche, fire, etc.)
  • Generally, there will be one message in the evening notifying everyone that removal will happen in the morning and another reminding people to move shortly before removal begins
  • Feel free to give this to guests or friends using your cabin as well
  • Sending the word stop to the same number will unsubscribe your number

There is no consistent schedule for plowing because the snow is incredibly stubborn about refusing to fall on a schedule. Yodelin does have its own machine now and along with the sewer district we hope to clear as much as we can after each significant storm (anything over 6"). For that to happen efficiently we need everybody's cooperation on a few simple items:
  • Park near other cars .. the more people are clustered together, the more space we have to move around and the more space we can clear
  • Do not park side by sides and snowmobiles in the lot. They take up space we could be clearing or others could be parking.
  • If someone is actively clearing, make sure you make eye contact before passing by them. Visibility is very poor in those machines, especially to the rear. If in doubt, wait until they move out of the way or acknowledge you.
  • When we send out plowing alerts, move across highway 2 if you can! We know this isn't always possible, but if you know we are about to clear (or see us actively clearing) then give us a break and park on the other side of the highway until we are done. Fewer cars means we can operate more efficiently and clear more space for everyone. You can move back when we are done!