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How to find Yodelin

The Yodelin community is a small 71 lot community by what used to be the railroad town of cascade, a mile east of Steven's Pass. With just over 40 developed lots Yodelin has a history of a friendly community in one of the most beautiful areas of the cascades.

Getting here:
If you are trying to visit Yodelin, the entrance to the community is on highway 2 one mile east of Steven's Pass. It is the only parking lot / turnoff on the north side of the road in that area. Although this seemingly would be easy to spot, most guests seem to pass it the first time @ 60mph. While individual lots now have addresses most navigation systems either won't recognize them or (in the case of the division 2 lots) will incorrectly show the location as being 20+ miles in the wrong direction. Be warned.

If you are new to the area use bing or google maps to get directions before you leave.
Community entrance location using
Community entrance location using

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