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Yodelin History 1960s & 1970s

First years there were a number of activities in the community held in the Valley. Drink a beer at every gate, 5 gates. Jim made it in 3m32s (1973)



Milio Sloens place. This was done Monday night the same night as the Lichtenberg night. The whole pass from scenic to rimrock slid that night

Looking across from div 2 and 3 come together. Kochein Wendys old place

In direct slide path, slide went all the way to the creek

Looking up the div 3 road

Where Samples cabin stood. This was one of the ones that was completely wiped out

Browns cabin div 3 avalanche went in one end and out the other


The group- Jim Mason, Jack, Jeff, Doug, Vivian (blue coat)

View from Mason cabin living room. The slide went all the way down to the creek

Remains of Edgars place (division 1)

A Cabin that used to be on Division 3. Moved to the lower part of div 3 to escape avalanche danger (1972)

Jim Mason put the snowmobile into the creek. Jim left Bill McGlashon right. Snowmobile started on first pull (1971)